Take off your shoes and come on home


“For everyone who asks receives,
and everyone who searches finds,
and for everyone who knocks,
the door will be opened.”

Matthew 7:8

Are you a Toronto Met Student?

Become a member of this vibrant, faith filled community. Here at the Toronto Met Catholics we have a lot to offer, beginning with friendship & fellowship. Come find out what we’re all about and take part in a university experience you never imagined you could have.

Leandra headshot

One of the many reasons I
love Toronto Met Catholics is the inviting community. As soon
as you enter, you are quickly immersed into a community filled with love, friendship
and countless laughs.

Leandra Fernandes

Darryl headshot

I love Toronto Met Catholics! So much! It’s my home away from home! They’re my family!! I’ve been able to grow so much in my relationship with the Lord. He’s changed my life, and I’ve been blessed.

Darryl Agbuis

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