COVID House Guidelines

Guidelines for the House

Starting immediately, everyone wanting to enter the Centre must fill out an electronic self-assessment ( emailed to, or a paper copy located at the door and hand it in to Nathan or Amanda.  Those records will be kept for 30 days.  Out of an abundance of caution, we will also be requiring temperature checks from all students as they enter.

Additionally, starting August 30th, only staff will be able to let students into the Centre.  The reason for this is that staff will have access to information regarding who is entering the premises, and responsibility for both ensuring everyone has submitted an assessment, as well as for occupancy limits (30 total, including staff; phase 3 is set at 50% of occupancy).

Starting September 20th, students will be able to register for up to 2hr blocks of time to be at the Centre (they may also register for 30 min, 1 hr, and 1 ½ hr slots).  In certain special cases they may request a longer time slot.  This does not include participation in Faith Studies or special events.  Students may register for up to 4 hours a day.  Unfortunately, until further notice, the Centre will close at 6 p.m. as staff are not required to be on site past that time.  The staff member closing up for the day will be required to ensure that all the students have left the building.  A caveat: for special events such at Men’s and Women’s Ministries, as long as a staff member is present, they may go beyond the 6 p.m. time slot.

The office area is, unfortunately, off-limits to students for the time being. 

As the rest of the Ryerson Catholic House is a public building, masks will be required in the rest of the House.  Per Archdiocesan guidelines, a physical distance of 2m will also be required for any activities within the Centre. 

Before Faith Studies are underway, and as part of Outreach, we will be asking everyone their comfort level for in-person and online meetings, as well as their desire and availability to come downtown given that the majority of classes will be online again for the Fall.  This will enable us to get a better sense of the use of the building for the semester.

Starting September 17th, a schedule of available slots for use of the Centre will be published, giving preference to in-person Faith Studies, weekly programming, and special events.  Weekly tactical and strategic meetings with staff will either be online or the Centre will be closed.  A maximum of 4 Faith Studies may be going on in the Centre at one time, which will be formed (given the information regarding in-person preferences) with a maximum of 5 participants and 1 leader.  Two can take place on the top floor, and another 2 on the main floor.  Other books studies may be registered to a maximum of 10 people, requiring the use of the top floor.  Topics in Faith or RCIA/Discovery for non-Catholics, may utilize the enter Centre depending upon the number of registrants.  Special events, such as Men’s and Women’s Ministries, may also require the use of the entire building. 

If you want to register for a time slot, please CLICK THIS LINK