Joining Toronto Met Catholics was one of the best decisions I made coming into my first year. It opened me up to an amazing community where I was able to explore and grow in my faith. I was able to meet many new people and share my faith experiences with each of them. This year I was able to re-invite Christ into the centre of my life, and in doing so I was blessed to be able to co-lead a Faith Study and take part in many initiatives. Being in a community like Toronto Met Catholics gave me the opportunity to serve God and grow as a person, and I wish that everyone could experience the love, warmth, and joy of this community.

Christopher Kannampuzha
When I first joined Toronto Met Catholics I really had no idea what God had in store for me. I was a quiet first year student and kind of hid my true personality in fear of being judged by others, but that all changed in my first few days after meeting this beautiful family. I went from keeping my head down to making meaningful friendships and being able to lead others to Christ. Toronto Met Catholics truly is a place where we can be ourselves and celebrate others. I'm so incredibly lucky to be part of this group of loving people, and if the last two years have been this great then I can't imagine how amazing the next two will be! *finger guns*
Amy Vaz
Toronto Met Catholics is a fantastic place where you can be yourself and you will always be appreciated for it!
Jose Gonzalez
Leandra headshot
One of the many reasons I love Toronto Met Catholics is the inviting community. As soon as you enter, you are quickly immersed into a community filled with love, friendship and countless laughs.
Leandra Fernandes
What I love about Toronto Met Catholics is how welcoming, open, and goofy everyone is. You get to meet so many new people, encourage and lift each other up, and explore more about yourself and God. What I can truly say is that Toronto Met Catholics has really helped me encounter God is such a special way that I’m able to live in greater freedom by accepting Christ in and walking with other people to encounter Christ in their own unique way and experience that same freedom.
Erin Tablizo
I think a major factor as to why I chose to explore my faith with Toronto Met Catholics is because of the people. You are always greeted with warm smiles, meaningful hugs, and good hearted people. I’ve made amazing friends, had great laughs, and several memories in this club. My biggest aspiration in life is to be truly joyful and as soon as I entered Toronto Met Catholics I knew right away this was the place that was going to help me achieve this. You don’t just join Toronto Met Catholics for the core reason to explore your faith but to also gain a team, a family. And I can truly say that is what I’ve gained, a family.
Noshig Zakarian
Darryl headshot
I love Toronto Met Catholics! So much! It’s my home away from home! They’re my family!! I’ve been able to grow so much in my relationship with the Lord. He’s changed my life, and I’ve been blessed to be able to serve you all and have this community all support me and be with me on this journey, especially as president! 😱😱I’ve learned to lean more and more on the Father this semester and He’s given me so much!!! 😭😋🤪
Darryl Agbuis
(Alumni 2020)