What is TMC?

Last time we talked about what campus ministry is, but what about TMC – Toronto Met Catholics?

Technically, we serve Toronto Metropolitan University, as well as the downtown George Brown campus.  Let’s be honest, though, you don’t say, “You don’t go to the same place we do so we can’t be friends”, and neither do we.  Most years we have a few OCADU and Toronto Film School students who are part of the community, as well as a few UofT students.   We are happy to be involved in GTA Catholic campus ministry, and so happily have York, UTM, UTSC and Oshawa students join us for special events and programs, just like we join them.

Okay … great … but what makes TMC, well, TMC – what do you do?

Well, for starters we have the House, which is located at 200 Church, right beside the Cathedral Rectory, which is … um, right beside the Cathedral.  It is also less than 5 minutes from campus.  We have couches, and a kitchen, and try to make it as homey as possible.  People come and study, and just hang before, between, and after classes … and during classes if you have any online.  We have programs that answer hard questions (e.g.: Topics in Faith – which also includes homemade cookies!), help you pray (e.g.: Ignatian Prayer group, Rosary), and become a better person (e.g: Virtues: the Middle Way, cooking lessons).

But you can find that in different campus ministries, what makes TMC special?

Well, we have a published academic and Ph.D. there to answer difficult questions about theology and religion.  We have a Jesuit-trained campus minister able to guide you in prayer and discernment.  A key program is our small group Faith Studies, published by CCO, and we are the only campus in Toronto with CCO missionaries active and guiding the Faith Studies.  We have leadership opportunities galore, which makes sense considering our vision is to create Spirit-led leaders to transform the world.  Our worship tends to the Charismatic, our prayer and liturgy is guided by the Cathedral, and we are proudly neither ‘progressive’ or ‘traditional’ but theologically orthodox, just like the Catholic Church – a Church that is rigorous to pursue the truth, but still manages to hold within it more that 20 different rites (i.e.: legit ways of celebrating Mass).  

The Catholic Church is big, varied, and beautiful.  It is home to so many who find their source and belonging in Jesus – the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  We strive to be the same.

Nathan Gibbard

Nathan Gibbard is the Director of Toronto Met Catholics, with a Ph.D. in Religious Studies and 14 years experience working in campus ministry.

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